ISO 22000 Audit Checklists for Internal Audit of Food Safety Management System

An internal audit of your ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is a useful management tool. ISO 22000 audit checklist is one of the important ISO document for food management system used globally for effective internal auditing of ISO 22000 system.

ISO 22000 audit checklist

ISO 22000 audit checklist helps to verify food safety management system enforced in any organisation, which is able to helps organization to clear food safety system audit from any ISO certifying body. ISO 22000 audit checklist ought to be ready because it covers all the clause wise necessities of ISO 22000 normal for every department.

The ISO 22000 audit checklist is very good tool for the auditor to make audit questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in ISO 22000 auditing and FSMS implementation. It is document guide who covers audit queries that auditor could expect whereas auditing of food safety management system supported ISO 22000 standard.

How to conduct audit in accordance ISO 22000 Audit checklist

  • Ensure that the authority of the audit team is established. This will increase the participation of audits. Ensure the success of the audit team with effective ISO 22000 internal auditor training.
  • Decide which areas of the food processing organization will be controlled together and the frequency of audits. Prepare an annual audit schedule and distribute.
  • Develop an ISO 22000 audit plan. Decide what other resources audit needed – checklists, other auditors?
  • Determine the purpose of the control – it is an overview of the area that it is checked whether it is to focus on a specific system in the area?
  • Determine the purpose of the audit – it is to comply with government regulations, food safety standards, food hazards requirements, food safety policy, internal procedures and the system?
  • Hold a meeting to discuss with the auditors of the plan, purpose and scope of the audit.
  • Read the ISO 22000 documents you will be checking against. Know what they say. Develop questions to ask the audits.

How to Develop ISO 22000 Based Food Safety Management System?

The International organisation for Standardization (ISO) has developed the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems Standard. ISO 22000 Certification is a global commonplace and defines the necessities of a food safety management system covering all organizations within the organic phenomenon, along with the line of work and packaging firms.

Step for Achieving Quick ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification describe the needs of the organization that want to exceed the regulatory requirements of the food safety management system, which can be achieved by following implementing steps.

Learn about ISO 22000
The first step in your progress towards creating your Food Safety Management System is to know what the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard are and how it will impact your organization.

Compare your current system to the necessities
In order to be ready to set up your project, you need to understand exactly what your organization should run out to meet quality needs. Establish the needs you already know and list those that require your address.

Plan your project
Once you have got your list of necessities that you have to deal with, you will start designing your project. It brings in staff from all components of the organization to participate within the development and implementation, reassuring the effectiveness of the ultimate system furthermore as ownership of the system.

Design ISO 22000 documentation for your system
With the team approach to implementation, there’s a team assigned for every of the processes that has to be documented. The team uses data from the Gap Analysis to see what should be done to bring the method into compliance. They will additionally use a prewritten procedure to help them. This can give you a basis to understand that complies with the ISO 22000 certification. They will adapt the procedure to reflect your processes.

Train staff and an internal audit team
To finalize the implementation of the system, the staff must be trained, each new process applied and the needs of the standard.

Have your registration audit
When the day of the registration audit arrives, it is time to show your food safety management system. The Auditor or Auditors square measure returning in to envision however you have responded to the requirements of ISO 22000 Certification, and the way you have got designed your FSMS.

How ISO Consultant is Beneficial for Food Industries to Get ISO 22000 Certification

Today, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification has performed vital function and published the standard as well as revising the standard. Currently, for food industries ISO 22000:2005 standard is applied for Food Safety Management System. So many food processing and supply organizations are committed to emerging from time to time and this requires their activities to be sanctioned and monitored.

ISO 22000 ConsultantISO 22000 made up of few strategic objectives that are valuable because it covers areas such as regulations, technology and food management system and food safety services. Organizations that are looking for ISO 22000 certification requires an experienced ISO 22000 Consultant that help them in implementing effective system as well as training to get certified to ISO 22000:2005 quickly and easily.

ISO 22000 Consultant can be responsible for achieving every objectives of ISO 22000 like consistent development in food management to all areas, excellent business ethic with suitable business accomplish, adequate treatment of food safety and effective as well as efficient safety requirements etc., which will help organization to get continuous improvement with food safety and quality management system.

ISO Consultants help you know as well as effectively manage existing standards. ISO 22000 consultant provides awareness training, documentation training, ISO 22000 auditor training and lead auditor training. Also good consultant follows best practices in establishing the system. These in turn reduces your all cost as well as make meaningful system

ISO 22000 consultants not only help to obtain new ISO 22000 Certification but also helps the organization that has already obtained ISO 22000 Certification for many years by keeping it updated with new problems and standards. An ISO 22000 consultant helps to reduce the risk of food safety in organization and most of its performance and reimbursement of its quality control standards

ISO 22000 Manual Required for Food Safety Management System

The ISO 22000 Food Safety Manual establishes food safety and sets out food security of appropriate organization to carry out Food Safety Management System (FSMS). This food safety system manual defines the management arrangements for the management of operations and activities in accordance with ISO 22000. These are high-level plans or protocols for the implementation of food safety, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

The purpose of the ISO 22000 Manual is to establish and clarify the general conditions governing food security of the organization. This manual defines for management arrangements for the management of the company’s operations and activities in accordance with the framework established by ISO 22000:2005. These are the high-level political representative plans or protocol for the implementation of food safety, quality assurance and satisfaction of the company’s client.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Manual covers the requirements of ISO 22000:2005. This sample is only intended to provide working for food safety manual. This formulation example can be useful to generate ideas to develop a manual for various businesses. However, food security policies should be written in a way appropriate and necessary to reflect food security for business management system. Although this manual section generally follows the numbering used in the ISO standard for clarity, it is not necessary for your food safety manual to do the same. The numbering system is most useful and meaningful to whom which are willing to select.

ISO 22000 food safety system manual contains

  • List Of Quality and HACCP Procedures
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Food safety Policy
  • Organization structure
  • Company Profile
  • Table Of Contents
  • Control And Distribution
  • Quality Management System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Planning and realization of safe products
  • Validation, verification and improvement of the food safety management system.

ISO 22000 Audit Checklist Documents Required for Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 Audit Checklist required to verifying implemented Food Safety System in any food organization against ISO 22000 standard requirements. This checklist has been prepared to use as an initial gap analysis or as an internal audit checklist. The ISO 22000 audit checklist is great tool for the auditor to conduct audit questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in ISO 22000 auditing and FSMS implementation.

The ISO 22000 audit checklist documents prepared in two part like clause wise and department wise questions and it can be used as a very good tool for logically auditing during internal audit for food safety management system and establish proper audit trails. This checklist documents are includes more than 800 questions and 12 various departments, which based on ISO 22000:2005 standard.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Department Wise Audit Questions

    ISO 22000 audit checklists

  • Top Management
  • Food Safety Team Leader
  • Training
  • Quality Control
  • Marketing
  • Production Areas
  • Engineering (Utility and Maintenance)
  • Purchase
  • Stores (Row Material and Spares)
  • Packing and Dispatch
  • Housekeeping and Sanitation and Personal Hygiene
  • General

Clause Wise Audit Questions

  • General requirements
  • Management responsibility
  • Provision of resources
  • Planning and realization of safe products
  • Validation, verification and improvement of the food safety management system

What Mandatory Procedures Documents Required for ISO 22000 Certification?

The ISO 22000 Documentation is mandatory for proper implementation of food safety management system. The ISO 22000 documents describe a complete, compliant ISO 22000 food safety system, tailored to be unique to your organization. ISO 22000 Documentation contain documents like food safety manual, procedures, policies, SOPs, audit checklist, etc.

The mandatory procedures that must follow while implementing FSMS system is known as ISO 22000 Procedures, which needs to be documented as per ISO 22000 requirements. When any food organization goes for food safety implementation for ISO 22000 certification, they must have to document that include mandatory ISO 22000 Procedures which described food certification procedures for the food management system.

ISO 22000 procedures for food safety management system can help to get ISO 22000 certification audit faster for Food industries.

Following is the list of mandatory ISO 22000 procedures helped in food certification.

  1. Procedure For emergency preparedness and response
  2. Procedure for Preliminary Analysis of Production Process.
  3. Procedure for Product Withdrawal
  4. Procedure For Pre-requisite Program
  5. Procedure For HACCP Plan
  6. Procedure For Hazard Identification Procedure
  7. Procedure For Control Of Non-Conforming Products
  8. Procedure For Internal Quality And Food Safety Audit
  9. Procedure For Control Of Monitoring And Measuring Devices
  10. Procedure For Management Review
  11. Procedure For Document And Data Control
  12. Procedure For Control Of Quality Records
  13. Procedure For Correction, Corrective And Preventive Action

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Introduction to ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 Certifications

There have been many food safety standards around the world, but there are also variations between standards, their implementation and their auditing. The standard, ISO 22000 was released in 2005. Since its release it has been successfully implemented in hundreds of companies around the world. ISO 22000 can be applied to any organization in the food chain, from the farm to the food packaging manufacturer.

ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 are both standards for Food Safety Management Systems registration schemes. It means that the standards contain requirements for a Food Safety Management System that can be certified by an accredited body.

Any food organization will benefit from ISO 22000 Certification; it is an independent verification that the organization has an effective Food Safety Management System in place. The worldwide recognition of ISO 22000 Certification and FSSC 22000 Certification means that all of the organization’s potential customers will be likely to recognize the registration.

Differences between ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 standards

The ISO 22000 scheme and the FSSC 22000 scheme differ slightly. ISO 22000 Certification applies to all organizations in the food chain. FSSC 22000 Certification applies only to food manufacturers, and is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI. The FSSC 22000 Certification scheme requirements are made up of the ISO 22000:2005 standard and one more document.

FSSC 22000 is a certification scheme that absorbs ISO 22000 and contains a more extensive list of standards to be met by the enterprise.

For FSSC 22000 certification scheme it is necessary to develop and implement the same procedures and documents as for ISO 22000. However, in addition there should be a procedure of traceability and other documents depending on the specifics of production

The procedure of certification is not different. However, the requirements of FSSC 22000 scheme are more extensive and rigid, so the certification under this scheme is a very long and labour-intensive process.