FAMI-QS may be a standard code that addresses safety, quality and European regulative compliance of specialty feed ingredient and their mixtures. The feed is taken into account unsafe for its supposed use if its adverse effects on human or animal health or the food derived from the food -producing animals is unsafe for human consumption. Over the years the European Union (EU) has developed several rules to boost the protection and quality of feed additives and pre-mixtures. The quality code of observe, specifically FAMI-QS Code, has been issued to confirm compliance to those rules.

FAMI-QS Certification

It is a management system certification supported the FAMI-QS code of observe and each makers and traders of feed additives and pre-mixtures will acquire this certification. FAMI-QS certification ensures the subsequent,

  • Minimize the danger that unsafe feed ingredients and their mixtures enter the feed and organic phenomenon
  • Compliance to native and EU feed hygiene rules
  • Improved client confidence and acceptance of the merchandise

FAMI-QS Documentation Requirements

FAMI-QS documentation designed and developed for feed additives and pre-mixtures quality System. FAMI-QS documents requirements of feed chain in European regulation on Feed Hygiene sets up hygiene and safety. FAMI-QS certification documents includes fami-qs manual, procedures, SOPs, forms, record templates and Fami-Qs audit checklist for standard certification as well as implements of feed additives and pre-mixtures quality System. All documents are written in English planning and easy editable, easy leant and download to save much time.

FAMI-QS Manual

FAMI-QS manual is a 1st tire documents designed and developed for feed additives and premixtures quality system. Fami-qs manual documents requirements of FAMI-QS standard certification and implementation of system

FAMI-QS Procedures

Fami-QS procedures for feed additives and premixtures quality System can help you get FAMI-QS certification for your company with the requirements of FAMI-QS Standard.


FAMI-QS SOPs documents very helpful of establish guideline for follow up by operators and establish food safety controls.

FAMI-QS Sample Forms

FAMI-QS Sample Forms required maintaining records as well as establishing control and making system in the organization.

FAMI-QS Audit Checklist

Fami Qs audit checklist prepared these editable documents requirements as well as for each department. It will be very good tool for the auditors to make audit Questionnaire / clause wise audit Questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in auditing.


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