BRC Packaging

BRC Packaging & Packaging Material Issue 4

The BRC/IOP global standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials Issue 4 is the latest in a series of standards published to conform to not only the necessity for consumer safety, but also the importance that packaging of a product plays over and above the traditional features of contain, preserve, protect and inform. The British Retail Consortium in conjunction with the Institute of Packaging published the first Standard in 2001. The objective of that Standard was, for the first time, to provide a common basis for the certification of companies providing packaging for own-branded food products.

Advantages of the BRC/IOP Packaging Certification

  • A single standard and protocol that allow an evaluation by third-party certification bodies which shall be accredited to European Standard
  • Single verification commissioned by the manufacturer or supplier, in line with an agreed evaluation frequency, will allow both manufacturers and suppliers to report upon their status to food retailers and other organizations as agreed
  • The Standard is comprehensive in scope covering areas of quality, hygiene and product safety throughout the packaging industry
  • Within the associated protocol, there is a requirement for ongoing surveillance and confirmation of the follow up of corrective actions on non-conformance to the Standard thus ensuring that a self-improving quality, hygiene and product safety system is established.
  • The Standard addresses part of the ‘due diligence’ requirements of the packaging manufacturer/supplier, packer/filler and retailer. Packaging manufacturers may also use this Standard to ensure their suppliers are following good hygiene practices and complete the ‘due diligence’ chain

BRC/IOP Packaging Documentation Requirements

The BRC/IOP packaging documentation designed and developed for BRC packaging certification requirements. BRC/IOP packaging documentation kit includes BRC packaging manual, procedures, blank formats, work instruction and brc packaging audit checklists all documents are written in editable MS Word format in plain English. BRC/IOP packaging documents companies Manufacturing and Supplying Food Packaging Materials for Retailer Branded Products to assist retailers and food manufacturers in the fulfillment of their legal obligations.

brc packaging standard documents

BRC Packaging Manual

BRC packaging manual documents prepared base on food issue 4 of global standard for packaging and packaging material. These documents cover all requirements of BRC Global Standard and food issue 4.

BRC/IOP Procedures

BRC/IOP procedures documents cover of mandatory procedures with all the details like preliminary analysis, prerequisite program, Hazards identification, HACCP plans, control of non-conforming products, corrective and action plan etc

Blank Formats

Blank formats prepared for maintain records as well as establish control and make system in the organization.  Also included sample copy of blank forms and templates for easy guidance using which any organization free to change the suit to own requirements.

Work Instructions/SOPS

BRC/IOP packaging SOPS documents very useful of standard operating procedures of sanitation practices as well as policies covering all the details as per BRC global standard requirements for food.

BRC Packaging Audit Checklist

BRC packaging audit checklist documents designed and developed ISO food safety auditor globally requirements of food safety system. BRC packaging audit checklist documents covers audit questions based on BRC Packing and Packing Materials requirements as well as for each departments. It will be very good tool for the auditors to make audit Questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in auditing.


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