BRC Global Standard for Consumer Product Documentation Requirements

Meeting the requirements of the BRC Global Standard – Consumer Products ensures best practice standards are developed, implemented and maintained for manufacturers and assembly packers of consumer products.

Manufacturing and assembly packing companies can be certified against this standard to demonstrate their competence in maintaining product safety, legality and integrity. The BR Global Standard for consumer product has been written to address the requirements in relation to potential of the product to cause harm to the Consumer

Documents Required for BRC Global Standard for Consumer Product Certification

BRC Consumer Prodcut Documents

BRC global standards are a generic BRC document and it does not specify “how” to do, but only states “what” to do. As per the standard, the consumer product manufacturer should be documented and be demonstrable in the manner consistent with the requirements of BRC Global Standard models.

BRC consumer product documents includes BRC Manual, Procedures, Forms, SOPs and BRC audit checklist, etc.

BRC Manual

It covers sample copy of BRC Manual and clause-wise details on how systems are implemented. It covers the context of organization, sample policy, objectives, scope, organizations structure as well as macro level each requirement of BRC for consumer products on how it is implemented in the organization.

BRC Procedures

It covers a sample copy of mandatory procedures as per BRC for consumer products covering all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed as well as the list of exhibits, reference documents and formats

Forms and Templates

Sample forms, records etc. are supporting documents used by the company to record information for different procedures followed. They link the activities written in the procedure to the records kept in the department. The templates covered sample blank forms that required maintaining records as well as establishing control and making system in the organization

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures document covers a guideline to establish controls on significant hazards, work instructions for operators. It is useful for process control and establishes an effective BRC for consumer products system. It covers do’s and don’ts for the entire main and critical processes

BRC Audit Checklist

BRC audit checklist is an important document requires verifying food safety system implemented in the organization. It will bring effectiveness in auditing. It can be logically used for auditing during internal audit for BRC to establish proper audit trail.

Containing every document template you could possibly need (both mandatory and optional), as well as additional work instructions, project tools and documentation structure guidance, the BRC Global Standard for Consumer Product Documentation Kit really is the most comprehensive option on the market for completing your documentation.


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