How to Get BRC Certification – A Discipline Towards Food Safety?

BRC is an abbreviated term of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The standard for BRC Certification was first introduced in 1998 to spread awareness of Global Standard for Food Safety, a GFSI benchmarked standard. Since 1998 till date, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has more than 16,000 certified sites in over 100 countries across the globe.

What criteria BRC food standard covers?

One of the preliminary requirements of BRC food standard is the adoption of HACCP, a systemic preventive approach to food safety. This standard aims to ensure that the food is safe to consume on the basis of the evaluation of food production processes from biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a documented quality management system (QMS) and control of factory environmental standards, procedures and people. This standard has also proven extreme important to the organizations across the Food sector. It is regarded as the benchmark for the best practices followed in the entire food industry.

Outside the UK, the adoption and compliance of this standard has seen evolution as a Global Standard. It acts as a framework for retailers, suppliers and others across the Food industry. Many companies have based their supplier assessment programs on this framework to manufacture branded food products.

What are the benefits of BRC certification?

BRC certification comes with a number of benefits for food organizations. Few of them are enlisted below:

  1. If you have BRC certification for your organization, it ensures a healthy and trusted protection of your brand name.
  2. A BRC Food standard certified organization experiences reduction in audit redundancies.
  3. It also reduces liability risks related to food safety and food quality of your organization.
  4. A certificate itself is enough to promote your brand trustworthiness. It demonstrates that you are highly committed towards Food safety and food quality manufactured by your organization.
  5. In the global supply chain, this certificate will help you expand our horizon and increase your market reach.

How to get BRC certification?

The journey towards BRC certification begins with the understanding of the requirements of global BRC Food Standards.

  1. First of all, establish the willingness of your company for auditing.
  2. Select trusted certification body for proceedings and other requirements.
  3. Work with that certified and trusted body and get conducted onsite audit.
  4. Remove the non-conformances caught during onsite audit and comply with all legal requirements
  5. Finally, get certified!

Get ready to get certified…!

Are you ready to get BRC certified? Then, what are you waiting for. Get in touch with a trusted consultancy for BRC certification documentation. The kit of BRC documents and templates will save your much of the time and cost in the preparation of BRC documents to get certified.

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