What to Documents for Effective HACCP Manual?

The HACCP Manual is to level documents for Food Safety Management System. It is used to present an overview of the processes your organization has implemented to meet the requirements of the HACCP as per codex guideline. HACCP Manual should be a full description of the product or family of products within the scope of the plan. Each section reference the relevant procedures used to address the requirements. The HACCP manual should be written in local language which helps all the employees to understand Food Safety Management System as well as their role in maintaining better system.

List of Documents Require for HACCP Manual

HACCP Manual

  1. Company Profile
  2. Table Of Contents
  3. Control And Distribution
  4. Food safety Policy
  5. HACCP System Requirements
    • Management Responsibility
    • Product Information
    • Process information
    • Pre – requisite program
    • Hazard Analysis
    • Control Measures
    • Parameters and critical Limits
    • Monitoring and measuring
    • Corrective actions
    • Validation
    • Verification
    • Documentation and records

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