Key Advantages of ISO 22000 System Implementation

The ISO body has published the new system as Food safety management system as ISO 22000: 2005 as Food safety management system – requirements, which cover all FDA requirements through various clauses of ISO 22000.

All the progressive units in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Sri Lanka and Gulf Countries, which are in the food manufacturing and food export market today, have adopted ISO 22000 food safety management system of obtaining the safe food product. There are many key advantages that experienced by the industries in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia shows that extensive efforts on the part of each and every person in the organisation are needed for upgrading the existing system to meet the requirements of ISO: 22000 food standards and achieve maximum advantages of continuous improvement of the food safety management system.

Advantages of ISO 22000 based food safety management system

Following are the key advantages an organization can achieve from better implementation of the ISO 22000:2005 based food safety management system in their organization.

  • A preventative approach to food safety
  • Hazard analysis to evaluate threats to food safety,
  • It helps to identify process improvements & reduced customer complaints
  • Enhances customer satisfaction / reduces dissatisfaction
  • Conformance to Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Increase Organizational Credibility & Reputation
  • Reduces the need for and the cost of end product testing
  • Improves internal and external communications
  • Facilitates better understanding of food packaging safety issues throughout the organization
  • Increase in profitability of the company.

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