How to Design HACCP Plan for Your Food Organization

Your organization shall develop, document, and plan the HACCP, which supported Principles, and as printed within the application practices of the Codex guideline. The HACCP plan shall think about all food safety hazards, still as quality and different hazards wherever enclosed within the scope.

The following reflects steps of the HACCP Guideline and shall be included as part of this process.

The HACCP Team

Implements of HACCP PlanThe organization shall establish and document the members of the HACCP team, WHO area unit those at intervals the business that have the method skills and information to develop and maintain the HACCP plan. A minimum of one HACCP team member, WHO additionally has operational answerability at intervals the organization, shall be competent within the application of HACCP systems and have attended a competency-based and assessed coaching course within the application of HACCP Principles, or equivalent.

Scope and Purpose of your HACCP plan

The scope of the HACCP plan shall be outlined and documented, as well as the beginning and finish purpose of the method into consideration at intervals the HACCP plan, and also the product lined by the HACCP plan. The aim of the HACCP plan shall be outlined and documented. The aim shall embody the intent that every one food safety hazards are going to be known and controlled.

If you would like to hide quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, or different risk concerns at intervals the scope of your HACCP System; they shall even be enclosed throughout your HACCP plan.

Product Description and Intended Use

A Product Description shall be developed and documented for all products enclosed at intervals your product scope. ‘Like’ product that area unit processed in similar ways that is also sorted along within the one Product Description. Product that area unit processed otherwise need a separate Product Description. Every Product Description shall cowl the subsequent criteria:

  • Description of product
  • Composition
  • Physical/chemical structure
  • Matricidal /static treatment as well as technique of preservation
  • Packaging – primary & secondary
  • Storage, handling & distribution ways
  • Shelf life
  • Intended Use of the merchandise
  • Labeling needs
  • Sensitive shoppers

If your organization already has finished product specifications that cowl an equivalent info as printed higher, then the specifications might satisfy this demand.

Flow Diagram

All the main steps within the method hall be known and documented on a flow sheet. If there area unit any important inputs at a selected step, they shall even be known on the flow sheet. Samples of inputs embody water, rework etc.


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